Live Like A Rebel – Nuel Puig

Our latest rebel is Nuel Puig who hails from from Valencia Spain and has the blog We selected Nuel to be apart of our #LiveLikeARebel campaign as he has carved out quite a unique niche as a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Although he graduated with a dual degree in Pharmacy & Nutrition from the University…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Barnette Holston

Our next featured rebel is Barnette R. Holston Jr. of He is a DC based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger who founded the site due to his love of fashion. He wanted to showcase to the world that Washtonians do have a style sensibility, and there is more going on in the city then just politics….READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Diego Leon

Diego León of Dandy In the Bronx is our next featured rebel. Reading about Diego’s journey on becoming a menswear blogger was inspirational. He started out as a Pre School teacher and would dress well to ensure his students felt comfortable in their uniforms. After seeing the positive impact dressing had made on his students…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Matthias Geerts

Our next #Rebel is Matthias Geerts of MattGStyle. He’s a menswear and lifestyle blogger and has one of the most popular blogs throughout Belgium…

Live Like A Rebel – Randy Reed

Our next #Rebel is NYC Based Grooming Expert & Editor Randy Reed of @IAMMisterFresh. Randy is passionate about skincare and specializes in providing guys unique regiments and grooming tips. Skincare typically may not always be high on the priority list for guys but Randy is showcasing why it’s so important to have a solid grooming routine. He personally tests…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Tommy Lei

Our next #Rebel is Tommy Lei of My Belonging, a multi talented creative and fashion lover who was raised in Hong Kong but now resides in LA. He has worked in media for years getting his start early on in social media and online marketing working for the likes of MTV/Logo and RuPaul’s Drag Race. He specializes in developing…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Franko Dean

Our next featured rebel is street style, menswear blogger and all around content creator @FrankoDean. Franko definitely has an eye for style and we really dig the moments he captures through his camera lens. He loves stepping out of the box and trying to take on new adventures. He also has a thing for eyewear ?which…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel

We’re excited to say we’re back with a fresh collection of James Dean sunglasses perfectly suited for guys living life on their own terms.   Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – JD  Just as our rebel himself James Dean famously stated, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite modern day…READ MORE

Live Like A Rebel – Loote

To kick off our Live Like a Rebel series, we’re highlighting two of our favorite new rebels on the music scene, Emma and Jackson from the band Loote. They’re currently gearing up for a36 city national tour with Timeflies. Perez Hilton said this about their current single, High Without Your Love,  “I’m calling it now!…READ MORE