September 8, 2017

Live Like A Rebel – Loote

To kick off our Live Like a Rebel series, we’re highlighting two of our favorite new rebels on the music scene, Emma and Jackson from the band Loote.

They’re currently gearing up for a36 city national tour with Timeflies. Perez Hilton said this about their current single, High Without Your Love,  “I’m calling it now! This is gonna be one of the big hits of the summer!!”

Now with their latest single, Out Of My Head, just dropping today we cannot wait to see what these guys do next!

We asked them a few questions on how they’re living life to the fullest. Check out some of their answers below. We’ve also included links to their latest single so you can be the first to the party and music tastemaker among your friends, Enjoy!

Name: Jackson Foote (of Loote)
Location: New York, NY 
Name something you can’t live without: “I can’t live without making music and writing songs!”
How are you living like a rebel?: “By doing what I love every day to make a living”

Name: Emma Lov (of Loote) 
Location: New York, NY 
Name something you can’t live without: “Chapstick”
How are you living like a rebel?: “Sometimes I stand in front of the yellow line instead of behind it when I wait for the train.” 

If would like to know more about Loote check out their page:

Here are the links to their latest single, Out of My Head:


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