Company Profile


We could bore you with the details, but we’ll spare you some time. What you need to know is that we’re a team of of specialized professionals constantly researching, developing, and innovating eyewear that is on the cutting-edge. We love what we do and continue to only grow and sustain a socially responsible company comprised of people handpicked for their talent and passion.



Future casting at our core, we strive to deliver eyewear that’s on the cutting edge of design, and of the highest quality to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer. By delivering unmatched customer experiences and streamlined business practices, along with customized marketing solutions, our clients are able to reach new and existing customers in innovative ways.


Authenticity, Adaptability, and Advancement—the 3 A’s of Allure. We focus on fostering a culture that thrives on these 3 things because that’s what we continue to strive for and pursue.


Our customers are at the core of everything we do—we do it for you.

Creating a seamless partnership is paramount.

What sets us apart? Adapting our resources to ultimately meet your business needs.

How we do it? A reverse engineering approach, coupled with assessing potential voids in the overall market and your business.

What we do? Build effective strategies to future-cast trends that align with your overall business practices and end goals.

We’re meeting and exceeding consumer demands—we strive to always go above and beyond.

Our goal is to deliver eyewear with style, diversity, and craftsmanship of the highest standard.”


With hands-on leadership we tend to be nimble with the ability to adapt quickly. We deliver on our customer-centric business model by identifying your business needs and analyzing any potential missed opportunities.

From in-depth research of product offerings and trends, creating made to order products, custom designed packaging, and recommendations—we do it all, to better your business and ultimately stay on top of your game in the industry

Customized Operations

Not every business works the same. You’re unique, that’s what makes you… YOU. We tailor our warehouse and inventory operations to meet your exclusive and ever-changing needs.

Worldwide Service

We serve you wherever you are. From America, Europe, Latin America, Canada and Asia—we have an eminent worldwide presence.

Industry Expertise

We’re made of industry veterans and seasoned specialists. What does that mean? We have the best talent made up of sales teams, marketers, and eyewear designers that have an authentic outlook on finding, creating, and selling the latest and most contemporary trends.

Strong Relationships

Between us, our clients, and our manufacturing partners—you can't break the bond.

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