September 14, 2017

Live Like A Rebel – Randy Reed

Our next #Rebel is NYC Based Grooming Expert & Editor Randy Reed of @IAMMisterFresh. Randy is passionate about skincare and specializes in providing guys unique regiments and grooming tips. Skincare typically may not always be high on the priority list for guys but Randy is showcasing why it’s so important to have a solid grooming routine. He personally tests out products so guys don’t have to worry about wasting time or money searching for the latest and greatest.There are so many products out there and it can be exhausting reading and researching just what products to buy. Well luckily he knows exactly what works so his readers and followers have a front row seat into the products they should start adding to their skin care routine. Check him out at

#BeARebel #LiveLikeARebel

Name: Randy Reed

Location: New York City

Name something you can’t live without: Personal Style 

In what ways does James Dean resonate with you? Authentic, Clean-Cut, a Trendsetter

How do you live like a rebel? I take risks, trust my gut instincts and set my own rules.