September 15, 2017

Live Like A Rebel – Matthias Geerts

Our next #Rebel is Matthias Geerts of MattGStyle. He’s a menswear and lifestyle blogger and has one of the most popular blogs throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He believes clothes are a resemblance of who you are, and the true goal is to to not attract attention but give people a good feeling by the way you look. He’s constantly traveling and the moments he’s capturing through his lens are keeping us captivated. He’s currently traveling throughout the Phillipines at this time and we’re looking forward to keeping up with his travels. He’s wearing style JDS106 in shiny gold (link below) and these actually have a polarized lens option.  Learn more about Matthias below or give him a  follow @MatthiasGeerts and

Name: Matthias Geerts
Location: Antwerp, Belgium – But continuously traveling (Now Cebu, Philippines) 
Name something you can’t live without: My friends & phone (ha)
In what ways does James Dean resonate with you: His style, comparing with the time we’re living in now, I adore his sense for fashion he had back in the 50s! 
How are you living like a rebel? I’m always open for new things and I like to live on the edge, when traveling you have to try out things our of your comfort zone. So I jumped out of a plane above a volcano on my last trip in Chile.

#BeARebel #LiveLikeARebel