September 18, 2017

Live Like A Rebel – Barnette Holston

Our next featured rebel is Barnette R. Holston Jr. of He is a DC based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger who founded the site due to his love of fashion. He wanted to showcase to the world that Washtonians do have a style sensibility, and there is more going on in the city then just politics. Secondly, he wanted to show guys that they do not have to be afraid of fashion.  He aims to always have fun with his fashion by adding signature and standout pieces to his wardrobe as he feels the key to a great life is looking great and having fun. Learn more about this rebels story below and @DCFashionfool

#BeARebel #LiveLikeARebel

Name: Barnette Holston

Location: Washington, DC

Name something you can’t live withoutBesides a great pair of shades? The ability to be myself and not have to be like everyone else

In what ways does James Dean resonate with you: I like that his ability to be a non-conformist actually made him stand out and get noticed which actually made him fit in.

How are you living like a rebel? I march to my own beat. I think in live like a rebel in my sense of style. While I like a great tailored look, I like to make a statement with signature pieces that others might not wear.