October 16, 2017

Live Like A Rebel – Nuel Puig

Our latest rebel is Nuel Puig who hails from from Valencia Spain and has the blog nuelpuig.com

We selected Nuel to be apart of our #LiveLikeARebel campaign as he has carved out quite a unique niche as a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Although he graduated with a dual degree in Pharmacy & Nutrition from the University of Valencia, his passion and distinct perspective on fashion, art and photography is carried out through his varied creative works. 

He began his career working for Nutt: Nutrition Council, where he served as the communications manager. His work encompassed generating content for their website, providing healthy cooking recipes, scientific articles and informational videos. He also ran the company’s social networks ( @nuttvalencia ) creating content for those channels as well. Ultimately this lead him to serving as the art director for their newly formed magazine Nutt Magazine, which is a lifestyle publication with the mission to show “Healthy is Sexy” he still upholds several responsibilities which include producing content (photography and writing articles)  and planning the overall layout and art direction.

Nuel often says simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which may ring true from his aesthetic perspective, but we can safely say he’s keeping quite busy with his creative work projects. He isn’t only busy leading the art direction for Nutt Magazine, but also his personal channels like @Nuelpuig where he’s worked with world renowned brands such as Polaroid (The Impossible Project), Levi’s, Mont Blanc, Daniel Wellington, NYX Cosmetics, L’Oreal, and MVMT to name a few. He’s also the founder and lead creator of @ihavethisthingwithmuseumpics , which focuses on photography in museums in which he’s published several works in association with several museums like IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern).

He also often contributes to Creation Magazine in which his work has been published on several occasions with national distribution. 

#BeARebel #LiveLikeARebel

Learn more about Nuel below:

Male model

Name: Nuel Puig

Location: Valencia, Spain

Name something you can’t live without: Probably, music. I’m listening to music almost 24/7 

In what ways does James Dean resonate with you?: He’s always been an inspiration to me… I remember when I was a teenager and I did try to emulate his iconic hairstyle. He also has quite an effortless style that resonates quite well with my own… also he seemed quite melancholic something that I can relate to.

How do you live like a rebel?: I’m very determined when it comes to any decision and when it comes to my work I have my own personal vision always trying to be unique. I don’t like the established rules in photography… I like to explore new ways of capturing and editing my work.